Kannur Club Kannur Club
Kannur Club Kannur Club
Kannur Club Kannur Club

Upwind yourself in the
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Premium recreational space offering leisure,wellness, hospitality, sport and socializing facilities. Pamper yourself in the comfort of luxury

The Kannur Club

A first of its kind premium lifestyle and family recreational club located in Kannur, Kerala, The Kannur Club offers a plush and cosy space for families to come together and unwind themselves in the opulence of amenities.

Association lays the foundation stone of any change. Right association redirects life to a more promising and fruitful arena. Together let us make the difference.

The Kannur Club The Kannur Club
inside-kannur-club inside-kannur-club

Kannur Club

Start your morning with your pals by immersing yourself in the breathtaking scenery of Payyambalam Beach. Take in the view of the beach and the endless blue sky while enjoying refreshing moments. Recharge yourself by exploring the bike paths and thrilling indoor games here are the Kannur Club to invigorate your day. It's now time to transform yourself with a revitalizing multi-special experience that leaves you feeling rejuvenated.

Spend your peaceful moments speaking with like-minded friends or family members in our mood-lit multicuisine restaurant. Hire luxury and forget about the world in one of the top-rated deluxe accommodations with unmatched amenities and unrestricted services. On the green expanse lawns, which are located beneath a clear sky and in front of a blowing beach breeze, you can relax or plan your future

Let your family gatherings and functions make everlasting memories by hosting them in one of our luxurious banquet spaces. Amaze your visitors with high-end amenities such as a world-class environment, exceptional services, ample parking, and cutting-edge infrastructure.

Allow yourself to experience unrivalled enjoyment by letting your imagination wander through the Club's endless entertainment options. Spend quality time with your family on the expansive lawns beneath the blue sky, listening to the rhythm of the sea waves; showcase your talent and impress the audience; appreciate art forms; join a trip to a tranquil spot; or enjoy a cup of tea with friends.

Let us take pride in our profound roots, which span a vast culture and a long history. Admire our traditional art, which includes North Kerala's own holy art, Theyyam, and other rich forms, on the green expanse. Allow our children to be exposed to our traditions and customs from the past. Let us come together to remember and commemorate our historical events, giving life more colour and significance.

Discuss your prospective startup over a cup of hot coffee with professionals, gain leads to venture capitalists, and guidance from seasoned entrepreneurs, and then get started. The Club provides a Startup Hub for entrepreneurs, as well as a platform and space to plan and launch new concepts.

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A sneak peek into the extravaganza that makes your soul ooze out it extreme enthusiasm.

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