Club Bylaw


1, Right of admission to the Club are reserved at the discretion of the Club and restricted to Members only.

2, All the Members are required to present their Membership card at the time of entry in the Club, before availing any facility or amenity provided by the Club. Where any request is made by the Club staff for production of the identity card to a Member, such Member shall duly comply with such request. Members shall invariably carry the Membership card with them, whenever they visit the Club; else the privileges, discounts and other benefits shall not be applicable.

3, If a member loses or misplaces his/her Membership card, or has been stolen, defaced, mutilated or torn, he/she should report such fact to the Club as soon as possible. The Club may issue the duplicate Membership card on such terms and conditions as the Club may require, upon a charge of fee for issue of any duplicate Membership card, which may be varied at the sole discretion of the Club from time to time. Provided that, the original Membership Card issued to her / him, if found, shall be returned to the Management for cancellation.

4, The Club shall not be liable for any loss caused to the Member by such lost Membership Card and the Member shall indemnify the Club for any damages arising out of any such loss or fraud.

5, Fraud or misuse of the Membership Card or benefits accruing from Membership by the Member may result in termination of the Membership and/or withdrawal of benefits at the discretion of the Club.

6, Children (below age of 10 years) will not be allowed to use the Facilities & amenities unless accompanied by their parents or their maids/servants, who shall ensure the safety and security of their children. Children accompanied by their parents are allowed to use the Facilities like, swimming pool or any other games amusements available at the Club. Responsibility of children will entirely be that of their parents/ guardians while using any of the Facilities of or at the Club.

7, Children who cause nuisance or annoyance to other Members, or to the staff shall be warned first and if, they continue with the nuisance, then shall be debarred from making use of the Club facilities permanently or for such period, as the Management in its discretion may deem fit.

8, Member’s children will not be allowed to use the facilities without the Membership card.

9, Members will be held responsible for any damage done by their children to any property of the Club. The authorized representative of the Management shall make assessment of the damage and the Member concerned shall be liable to make good the damage assessed. The decision of the Management on the quantum of damage assessed and payable by the Member shall be final.

10, Children under the age of 18 are strictly prohibited from entering the billiards room, smoking zone or such other restricted areas of the Club.

11, The Management shall not be responsible in any manner whatsoever for any accident, injury, hurt or harm caused to the children of Members or their guests or visitors in swimming pool, gymnasium, or any other section.

12, The Management will not be responsible, if children disobey the instructions of the Club staff and wander around the Club or hover into the places not permitted to them and in the process subject themselves to any accident, hurt or injury.

13, Cycles by or for children shall not be permitted in the Club.

14, Bills and invoices for availing of various Facilities or services, etc. at the Club shall be raised immediately and the Members shall be liable to pay all such bills and invoices within 7 days from the end of such month in which such bills and invoices were raised. Failure to pay such bills and invoices in time shall attract interest 21% p.a. and penalties as notified from time to time.

15, Members are advised pay their monthly maintenance charge as decided by the management from time to time. Currently the charges are Rs.1000/- per month.

16, The Members must duly pay the food, beverages charges and for other services consumed in the Club as per the bill raised by the Management. Outside food and beverages are not allowed to be brought inside the Club premises.

17, Guests of the Member must be accompanied by the Member at all times.

18, SMOKING except in designated smoking zone, if provided, in club premises is strictly PROHIBITED

19, SPITTING in Club premises is strictly PROHIBITED.

20, No anti-social elements will be permitted, and activities prohibited by law will not be entertained within the club premises.

21, Any kind of damage including but not restricted to tearing, poking, scratching etc. to the property of the Club is strictly prohibited and punishable with penalty of such amount as may be decided by the Management from time to time and in addition may have to face any legal consequences.

22, Drivers, maids and other attendants of the Members, while they are in the Club, shall be charged, as per the applicable Guest charges and shall be subject to the bye-laws and shall obey all requests made or orders given by the Club staff, or any other person authorized by the Management and it shall be the duty of the Members to instruct them accordingly and also Members will ensure that the said drivers, maids and other attendants do not to create any nuisance in the Club premises.

23, Complaints against the Club staff or managers are to be lodged in writing to the Management. The complaining Member shall not, use any physical force to or abuse any manager or staff of the Club against whom written complaint is lodged.

24, Complaints shall be lodged, and suggestions shall be made by the Members in the complaint / suggestion register kept for this purpose at the reception.

25, A Member can also address his/ her written complaint or suggestion directly to Oral complaints will have no bearing on the Management, under any circumstances whatsoever. Management shall attend all complaints and issue suitable reply within 7 days.

26, The Members are hereby precluded from availing service of the Club staff for their personal work.

27, Management reserves the rights of admission inside the club premises.

28, The Club’s management decision shall be final and binding to all.

29, The Members and their guests must adhere to sport dress code of the particular sport while playing. For example: appropriate swimming costumes must be worn while swimming; shorts, T-Shirts, joggers or such other suitable dress must be worn while playing badminton or other games.

30, DRESS CODE- Members and guests or visitors are required to be dressed in manner conforming to the standards of decency. Dress code for the members and guests shall be as follows;


  1. Smart Casuals, Formal Western Wear
  2. Collared Tee/ shirts, trousers and covered shoes/ covered back strap sandals
  3. Western and Indian traditional
  4. Casual wear like jeans, casual shirts and sneakers are allowed at the Lounge and the Restaurant at all times
  5. Any type of shirt or vest without collar, chappals/sandals with or without straps, Lungi, Pyjamas(Loose), shorts are not permitted


  1. Smart Casuals, Formal Western Wear
  2. Collared Tee/ shirts, trousers and covered shoes/ covered back strap sandals
  3. Western and Indian traditional ( with or  without scaff)
  4. Casual wear like jeans, casual shirts and sneakers are allowed at the Lounge and the Restaurant at all times
  5. Any type of shirt or vest without collar, chappals/sandals with or without straps, Pyjamas (Loose), shorts are not permitted

Notwithstanding anything mentioned above or hereafter, the Management may specify any special dress for any event, party or special occasion and there upon the members and guests or visitors attending such occasions shall be obliged to dress themselves in the specified special dresses only.   The above dress code shall be strictly adhered by the members and guests. Entry will be denied if the dress code is not followed.


  • The facility of lockers is provided to the Members on temporary basis in the Club for more convenient use of changing room, gymnasium etc.
  • The lockers are available on first come first serve basis subject to payment of charges as may be fixed by the Management from time to time.
  • The Management shall not be responsible for loss of any article or other belongings of the members kept or stored in the lockers.


  1. Members are prohibited from carrying any pets of any species whatsoever, in the Club.


  1. Members’ vehicles, when on a visit to the Club, will be parked only at the Parking slots earmarked for parking. The Management will notify the parking area from time to time for the parking of vehicles. It is the duty of members to park a vehicle in a manner, which does not cause any obstruction or inconvenience to other vehicles of fellow members.
  2. Nothing herein contained confers a right onto the Members to park their vehicles in the Club and as such the facility for parking is subject to availability of parking space and further the Management shall not assume any responsibility for the loss, theft and damage to the Member’s vehicle(s).


The Management will have power to suspend these Byelaws temporarily, in order to preclude entry of Members/ guests and withdraw the privileges extended to the Members, during such period of suspension, when and in case of events, parties, tournaments, special occasions, engagements or private entertainment programs are being held or organized in the entire Club or in any part thereof.


  1. As payment of the Membership fees will entitle the Members to avail and enjoy the amenities and facilities along with the privileges and benefits of the Club, at the same time it is implied that, all the Members are bound by the rules, regulations and byelaws of the Club. They are also bound by the restrictions imposed and amendments made in the Byelaws by the Management from time to time.
  2. No Members shall be absolved from the rules, regulations and Bye-laws of the Club irrespective of the fact that, he/she has not read the same and every member shall be presumed to have constructive notice of the Bye-laws. Members along with their Membership identity cards will be issued a copy of the secretarial of the Bye-laws. Additional copies can be availed by making an application to the management of the Club on payment of such charges as the Management may prescribe from time to time.
  3. The Member shall not carry on any business or activity, which could be construed as illegal, defamatory, immoral, or obscene, and agrees not to use the address of the Club whether directly or indirectly for any such purpose or purposes.
  4. Credit facility s for settlement of the bills by the members will be subject to the approval of the  Management. All bills presented for any facility/services or consumptions would have to be settled by the Members directly in cash or by credit card.


The Management reserves the right to terminate Membership on occurrence of any one or more of the following events:

  1. Default in payment of Annual Subscription Fees.
  2. On expiry of the tenure of Membership
  3. Member/s is/are guilty of improper conduct, or uses the Membership for improper, deceitful or unethical purposes or in a manner inconsistent with the rules and regulations and byelaws as applicable from time to time,
  4. Member/s acts with intent to annoy, abuse, threaten, or harass the Club or any other person, or in any other disruptive manner.
  5. Member/s become/s insolvent or is declared un-discharged or insolvent by any court of Law or any appropriate authority.
  6. Member/s is/are declared as a person of unsound mind.
  7. A Member who in the opinion of the management is guilty of any act involving moral turpitude or gross misconduct
  8. Member attempts, directly or indirectly, to undermine, disrupt, hinder, or interfere with the proper operation of the Club in any manner whatsoever
  9. A Member has committed serious breach of any byelaws, rules and regulations and any terms and conditions of Membership which by its nature cannot be remedied and warrants termination.
  10. On failure of the Member to remedy the breach of any of the terms of the Agreement within the period as stipulated in the Notice calling upon the Member to take corrective action or remedy the breach committed by the Member.
  11. Persistent failure to pay charges incurred for availing the amenities and benefits at the Club.
  12. The conduct of such a member within the premises of the Club appears to be violent, abusive, unreasonable, unsocial, not abiding by any of the bye laws and /or these rules and regulations, in the opinion of the Management.
  13. The decision of the Management as regards termination of membership shall be final and binding on such member. In addition to discontinuance of Membership or participation, the Club shall have the right to take appropriate administrative and legal action, including criminal prosecution, as it deems necessary in its sole discretion.
  14. In the event of termination of Membership for any reasons as set out in this clause, the Member shall not be entitled to refund of any fees or charges paid by the Member/s in connection with the Membership and shall not have any rights or claims against the Club and /or against the Management. However, the refundable Membership fee shall be refunded by the Club only after the expiry of the term of the original Membership tenure.
  15. Without prejudice to the right of termination, the Club reserves the right to collect the delayed payments from the Member together with interest 18% per annum or such other rate as the Management may decide from time to time for the period of delay.
  16. Appropriation of Payments: In case of part payment made by the Members towards any outstanding such payment shall be first  appropriated towards interest and balance  towards  principal  outstanding.
  17. Membership and its privileges are for lawful purposes only. Any conduct by a Member that in the Club’s discretion restricts or inhibits any other Member from using or enjoying the Membership will not be permitted. Should a Member violate these or other restrictions, the Club reserves the right in addition to termination of privileges as set forth herein, to seek damages and other remedies from any such person to the fullest extent permitted by law.
  18. The Club’s failure to enforce any of these Terms and Conditions shall not constitute a waiver of that, or any other, provision.

37, To be unbecoming of gentleman / lady or is derogatory to the reputation of the Club or where such conduct has disturbed or appears likely to disturb the order and harmony of the Club or infringes on the rights and privileges of the other Members or in case of any serious infraction of these Rules & Regulations and Byelaws. The Management may take direct cognizance thereof or acting on a complaint shall, after due enquiry, exonerate, suspend, fine or remove the member, as the case may be, after giving the member concerned a fair opportunity to explain and /or defend his conduct. The decision of the Management shall be final. Any person whose Membership is terminated under these rules shall forfeit all the privileges of Membership and all rights against the Club.

The Management, at its discretion, may, in case of any or all class of Members and in the interest of the Club and its Members, limit or forbid the use of any specific facilities; amenities etc. or otherwise regulate such use. When this occurs, the Management will endeavour to give advance notice but there will be no liability whatsoever on the Management in this regard.

38, Facilities & amenities shall have specific timings of operations. The timings will be displayed on the notice board along with the charges, if any. Members are requested to book the facilities well in advance to avoid inconvenience. Bookings are on first come first serve basis.

39, The Pioneer Members will be eligible for four free room night saty which can be availed only for the personal use of member or their family members whose names are registered in club records. Members may opt Payyambalam or Aralam property for free stay benefit with prior booking and booking will be subject to availability. Free stay facility is not transferable and will have to be availed during the calendar year which will not be carried forward under any circumstances.

40, The Management at its discretion may, in the interest of economic and efficient management of the Club, limit the period, hours or days on which any specific facilities, amenities, service or supplies may be made available.

41, The Management at its discretion may otherwise exercise such control over the users of such facilities etc., as may be expedient or necessary in the larger interest of the Club.

42, Members and guests are not allowed to use any employee of the club for their personal work.


All notices, circulars and memorandum issued by the Management from time to time shall be put on the notice board for information of the Members. All the Members of the Club shall be deemed to have read and understood such notices and circulars from the time they are first published on the notice boards.


  1. No Member shall use or give the Club address in any advertisement or use such an address for his business purpose or for any other personal or commercial purpose.
  2. The address, contact details & e-mail id given by the Members in the application form shall be registered with the Club and all communications will be sent on such address only. In case of any change in address or shifting to a new address, the Member concerned shall intimate in writing to the Management for the purpose of recording such change.
  3. Notices/ Communications sent to a Member at the address and email id registered with the Club, either by post, courier or email address shall be deemed to have been duly served on  him/ her.


It is agreed to and undertaken by the Members and/or their Nominees / Guests / Eligible Children hereto that any difference or dispute that may arise by and between them and the Management in the interpretation of these Terms and Conditions or other incidental matter arising out of the Terms and Conditions, shall be resolved as far as practicable through mutual negotiations failing which the matter would be referred to arbitration. Arbitration shall be conducted by a sole arbitrator appointed by the Management of the Kannur Club. The arbitration shall be governed by the provisions of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996. The arbitrator shall give a reasoned award. The venue of the arbitration shall be Kannur. All the disputes shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of courts at Kannur.